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One bold step to reach a stable future.

BInkowski’s sector is a popular one. Although loans, mortgages and insurances have a strict imaging code, we decided to break the scheme in order to stand out. 


As our client was equally bold, and put his trust in our ideas, we’ve reached our goals swiftly.

We aimed at creating an image backed by thorough study and careful strategy. The main message to deliver was professionalism, modernity, friendliness, stability, confidence and a hint of the unorthodox.


Two different approaches taken on the design route gave us two alternative image philosophies with three sets of logos and visual identities. One of them made it through.


Logo Projekt Binkowski

Starting off with simple and elegant black backgrounds, the logomark goes in strong and visible. The vertical lines and a lot of positive space put this strength into both contemporary and timeless character.

The logo mark uses the letters ‚B’ and ‚M’ sideways. The outline of the letters recalls a house or a fence segment, which gives a lot of mileage for future materials. The color blue evokes professionalism and trust.

Identyfikacja Branding Binkowski

In the second iteration, we skipped the black and focused on the contrast of blue and white. The whole design is brighter and sharper, and the concept behind the design stands out more.

The logo is similar in several regards to the previous one, but the new implementation gave the design a completely new functional dimension.

Branding - Identyfikacja Binkowski
Wizytówki Projekt Binkowski

In the end we went back to black and switched the accent color to a saturated blueish green. The new direction for the logo focused on an innovative depiction of the company’s values.

The general impression is peaceful, toned down and orderly. The logo mark is the strongest player here, telling a compact story in itself. It combines the essence of the client’s trade. A people’s expert is a man who builds a bridge with your future, your goal or your dream.

Logo Design Binkowski
Logo geneza Binkowski 2
Logo Projekty Binkowski
Logo Projekty Binkowski 2
Branding Identyfikacja Binkowski
Branding Identyfikacja Binkowski
Projekt Wizytówek Binkowski
Branding Identyfikacja Binkowski
Logo Projekt Krawat

Being an expert is a challenge. Not only because it requires one to constantly develop their skills and knowledge over hours of tedious work – mainly because it’s a responsible task.

This makes working with experts worth one’s while. The trusty feeling that we ended up in good hands can be a deal breaker. It’s true for every industry and sector – specialists are there to provide you with peace of mind.