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Peace and good vibes only, Good Mood, always.

Unique apartments in downtown Poznan. It is as beautiful as you can imagine, or even better.


The modern design of each room is intertwined with the history of the building and its surroundings. This was our hook for creating a brand for Good Mood.

The visual identity emerging from the logo and the creative line of materials is a result of dutiful workshops with the client. Together, we fine-tuned the strategy to target recipients.



Branding Good Mood - Karty
Branding Good Mood - Kosmetyki

The logomark is a simplified outline of the Good Mood tenement. The simplified logo consists only of the upper part, whereas the extended logo shows the whole of it.

While the mark is full of little elements, it was designed with a lot of light and space between. Given a proper setting, it can also be used as a pattern for various decorative fabrics.

Branding Good Mood - Logo Podstawowe
Branding Good Mood - Sygnet rozszerzony
Branding Good Mood - Pattern
Branding Good Mood - Torba
Branding Good Mood - Plafon
Branding Good Mood - Pokoje

Poznan has its reputation in Poland, mainly for numerous puns that go along with its name. But take a step away from well-trodden paths of banality and you end up in magical places.

Maybe Poznan rhymes with several other words, but the best rhyme for good mood, is Good Mood.