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BUNT heralds changes

One moment can change everything.

Do I even have to take any action? It’s easy to just stay in a safe place. You are right, making decisions takes an effort. Even If we know deep down we are in the wrong place. We chose to be numb. We don’t realize that not taking any action we actually commit to a decision. The decision to stay frozen. And this is what we pay for. But not anymore.

BUNT is the moment when you say ‘enough’. You know the time has come. You are ready to make the right decision. You are ready to move on. It’s your time to break old habits. It’s time to stand out and go with a strong decision made out of BUNT.

Video concept: Marek Szabłowiński

Editing, animation: Marek Szabłowiński

Strategy, copy, graphic design: Marek Szabłowiński

Strategy consultations: Bartek Kotowicz 

Graphic design consultations: Oskar Podolski, Patryk Hardziej  

Sztuka Projektowania (eng. The Art of Design), Gdańsk 2022 /

Bunt - Stationery
Bunt - wizytówki
Bunt - bluza
Bunt - koszulka
Bunt - czapka zimowa
Bunt - torba
Bunt - case
Bunt - opaska
Bunt - kolory
Bunt - wariacje znaku
Bunt - znaki dodatkowe
Bunt - sprej
Bunt - zapalniczka
Bunt - zapałki
Bunt - ekran
Bunt - billboard