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Having coffee was never just about the coffee.

Ever been to Berlin? If yes, you know its big city life, you know it’s street cafe and you know the people that make such places live (if now, try Google Street View or plan a short trip, it’s worth it). Unique aura literally pours from Berlin streets, so it’s not that hard to stream it forward. The Cafe Berlin crew served its hometown of Szczecin with a plate of outlandish influence and topped it with delightful black brew.

A wonderful mashup of formal mess, retro vibe and a street feel; raw framing and plaster here and there; future-proof design and high quality products. A bit laid-back, if not discordant, but overall chill – coffee, bagels, sun and… ah, the variety of it all. Easy, inclusive. Free. After all, having coffee was never about just the coffee. That’s why we went over the top and a step more to extract the essence of Cafe Berlin. Zum Wohl!

Logo Cafe Berlin
Wersje Cafe Berlin
Stationery Cafe Berlin
Karty Cafe Berlin
Kubki Cafe Berlin
Fartuch Cafe Berlin
Plakat 1 Cafe Berlin
Witryna Cafe Berlin
Ściana Cafe Berlin

You can smell good coffee from afar, and you can sense good branding before you take a proper look. Not everyone is an expert, but everyone can taste it. Take a small spoon, take your time, and take it all beyond.

It takes a process of considered steps that require a fair amount of experience and skill. You tell us if it’s more true for coffee or for branding.