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„Ciepło mi is an initiative that emerged from a need of sharing emotions and making them visible in space.” 

The founders use these words to describe a brand that deals with decorations and utilities. As they like to put it, they’re not peddling vintage stuff, found antics or old things. Their catalogue is filled with THINGS COATED IN HISTORY.


It’s not only an online shop – it’s also a stationery vendor that takes its time to promote local artists, farmers and chefs. It’s a place filled with magic, where you feel like you came back to your grandma’s house. Breathe in the clover fume and just relax.


It was our job to build this brand from the bottom to the top. Analysis. Strategy. Initial design, refinement, packaging, tags, stickers, business cards, letterhead, social media elements.


Here minimalism and simplicity is complimented with bold and ambiguous symbolism. This all to set up the stage for solo performances of vended items and their astonishing history.




Symbolem został abstrakcyjny znak stworzony z niedokładnych okręgów. Ma on symbolizować przede wszystkim domowe, ciepłe gniazdo. Forma znaku pozwala też na szersze interpretacje takie jak talerz, szal, tkanina, spodek, kubek widziany od góry itp. 

The main symbol is an abstract built with imprecise circles, representing the warmth of hearth and home. It effortlessly evokes a plate, a scarf, a roll of fabric, a top-down view of a cup of tea, and on and on.

Wlepki Ciepło Mi
Cipeło mi - Ulotki - Projekt

This form allows the sign to be implemented on all kind of marketing materials and serve as a key visual element of the brand. All this complimented by a modern, but round-lettered font with adequately separated letters.

The color palette, the supplementary fonts, visual elements and pictures were all chosen to extend the vibe of the cozy inner circle and support the overall message.

All of these elements were then implemented into the project’s Facebook and Instagram profiles, focused on amplifying it posts with high definition pictures. Working together with the client’s company, the positive vibration was ever-present. We’re pretty sure they can charm the items they sell with the same vibe.

Ciepło mi aims to inspire interior design with a spirit of love and a zero-waste living. They inspired us to create a cozy visual identity.